Warm congratulations to D.DONG security doors "2016 dealers transformation breakthrough summit" and the 7th "Door EXPO" has come to a successful conclusion
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D.DONG adopts German craft with production standard industry design, reveals Germany quality, provide users with a new generation of automatic security door having Germany standard.

D.DONG new generation fully automatic security doors created from Germany technology, subvert the traditional 190 degrees open mode, war industry spike locks the lock body fully automatic, Jingang cylinder technology got double patents, the world's leading global unique spring steel structure, the four dimensions strengthening industry leading, multiple pry proof points and obtain locks double insurance brand and so on. And D.DONG is also strict on steel material selection, super thick doors, super performance, both are higher than other countries in the world. D.DONG comprehensively leads a new generation of automatic door, high-end security door led Germany to develop direction.

Today D.DONG Germany patent Anti - theft Security, got into China, and introduce German type style way of life to China, mix global leading security doors art design essence, provide German quality and Germany insurance for China's hundreds of millions of households.


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